Japanese is an East Asian Language. It happens to be the de facto language in Japan. It is however not the official language there. Japanese is also spoken in other countries such as Taiwan and Korea as well as countries where Japanese immigrants are found. 

Singapore is an island state in Southeast Asia. it was founded primarily for the purpose of being a trading post for the British Empire. The second world war saw It being occupied by Japan. Japan however surrendered its occupation and the ownership was reverted back to the British in 1945. 

Why is learning Japanese in Singapore Important? 

Singapore was established primarily as a trading center and has developed overtime to become one of the Four Asian Tigers as far as trade is concerned. A trading country usually attracts different people from different countries who come in form of investors and traders and Singapore is not an exception. Japanese are among the people who have been attracted by this form of trade.  

There has also been increased competitiveness of Japanese products in the Southeast Asian markets. Japan happens to be the world’s fastest growing economy as well as one of the top ten Singapore trading partners. As a way of enhancing trading, it is therefore imperative that the Singaporean government devices a way of learning Japanese in Singapore education by Taiyo

After the world war and the independence of Singapore, the Japanese expatriates began to come to Singapore as diplomats and their families. Soon after, they came as managers and engineers leading to an increased population of Japanese in Singapore.  

Because of the Japanese occupation during the world war two, it is expected that some Japanese remained in Singapore even after the British reclaimed the ownership. This would augment the number of Japanese making learning Japanese in Singapore a very important activity. 

How can one learn Japanese in Singapore? 

There have been Japanese medium educational institutions established for the Japanese population where one can enroll to learn Japanese. The enrolment is however opened to anyone who would want their child to study Japanese culture. Different institutions have been opened to cater for all levels of Japanese education. They include Kindergarten, student primary school, junior high school, senior high school as well as cram school which prepares one before joining university. 

Apart from the established physical leaning centers, there is a provision for online learning. Different websites offer such kind of learning to anyone who would love to learn Japanese remotely or part time 

Who can learn Japanese in Singapore? 

Japanese is primarily learnt by Japanese immigrants in Singapore. However, anyone has an equal opportunity to learn. The admission to various Japanese schools is therefore open to every interested student. 

In a world that is becoming increasingly global, being a bilingual is one thing that should be seriously considered. More people should be open to learning Japanese in Singapore because of the economic ties between Japan and Singapore. One will have more professional opportunities and a cutting edge over others.