Insurance is a way of managing risks like damage, death, or illness. The world of insurance has six essential principles, which include:

1. Insurable interest

This factor is insurance that protects anything that can have a financial loss. One can take an insurance policy to save an asset, and the insurance company will insure the assets against loss or damage. 

2. Utmost good faith

This factor is whereby the one who needs to ensure an asset provides detailed and relevant information about the insured assets. The information given must be accurate. For example, if an accident affects the insured investment, they will be covered when providing details. 

3. Proximate cause 

The principle of proximate cause highlights the leading cause of the loss or damage of an asset, and it deals with the actual cause and legal cause.

4. Subrogation

Subrogation means that the insurance company has the right to pursue a third party that brought a loss or damage to an insured asset. The company can pay for the loss or damage of the investment and, after that, will seek a refund from the third-party insurance company.


Indemnity means compensating the person for a loss or damage of the asset by the insurer, and its basis is on the agreement between the two parties. 

6. Contribution

This principle applies when more than one insurance company insures an asset. The insurer has the right to pursue compensation from the companies insuring the asset.

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